Meet Your Featherstone Team

The associates would like to share with you their particular “CARB-FUELED GUILTY PLEASURES”

Joel SchonfeldJoel Schonfeld
Our Astute Founder and Fearless Leader
347 226 9791
“Bread… Never touch the stuff!! Just kidding!! My pleasure is a hot sourdough roll just out of the oven; take out the dough and stuff it with the mozzarella bocconcini ball. As you eat the olive oil trips down your arm gets all over your shirt. HEAVEN!!!”
Eli Richman, Vice President 718 456 5400 Featherstone.Erichman@gmail.comEli Richman
Vice President
347 226 9792
My pleasure is the Pan DiSesamo bread from Grand Daisy Bakery. The rustic, crusty, sesame flavor compliments perfectly the turkey and avocado sandwich that I regularly enjoy!!!
David Zigler, Director of Financial Operations347 226 9794Featherstone.Dzigler@gmail.comDavid Zigler
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
347 226 9794
My pleasure is the potato, onion roll from Amy’s Bread. Either toasted with butter or burger slider can really make your day!!
Maty Dioum, Operations Manager 718 456 5400Mdioum@FeatherstoneFoods.comMaty Dioum
Vice President of Operations and Customer Service
347 226 9793
My pleasure is the mini pretzel croissant from Bakery of New York….Such a unique and addicting flavor. Have to go now to my APA meeting… Addicted to Pretzels Anonymous!!!
“These are the best of times for bread lovers…
In many operations the bread is the first thing a customer will eat. And obviously first impressions count. When the bread is good, it quells hunger pangs in a satisfying manner and diminishes any agony of waiting for service. And it is especially important for those operations that pride themselves on the quality of the cooking not to compromise on the bread.”

— Florence Fabricant, Nation’s Restaurant News

Lori Cicchino, Accounts Payable Manager718 456 5400Lcicchino@FeatherstoneFoods.comLori Cicchino
Accounts Payable
718 456 5400 x 118
My guilty pleasure is the white Russian and black Russian sandwich rolls stuffed with onions through and through… Pass the pastrami!
chantellChantell Chambers
Accounts Receivable
718 456 8536
My pleasure is our version of the cronut. We call it the croiss-nut… soooo good. The sugar high really gives me energy when I need to ask our favorite customers for $$$$$.
Lily Johnsrud, Customer Service718 456 5400Ljohnsrud@FeatherstoneFoods.comLily Johnsrud
Customer Service/Order Entry
347 226 9795
My pleasure is the cranberry-pecan roll from Pain D’avignon. Great as a snack or with some smoked turkey. I wish they had these in my native country of Norway when I was growing up.
Josephine Corsini, Customer Service718 456 5400Jcorisini@Featherstonefoods.comJosephine Corsini
Customer Service/Order Entry
347 226 9796
Mama Mia… my pleasure is the 4-flavor focaccia from Central Bakery. On one sheet I can eat tomato, pesto, onion, or cheese. Pass the vino!!!
Elizabeth Rozario, Customer Service718 456 5400Erozario@FeatherstoneFoods.comElizabeth Rozario
Customer Service/Order Entry
347 226 9797
My pleasures are the sweets. I am always taking home to my kids the mini donuts (2 bites) and muffins. Sooooo bad, but soooo good!!!
Denise Edwards, Customer Service718 456 5400Dedwards@FeatherstoneFoods.comDenise Edwards
Customer Service/Order Entry
718 456 8364
My guilty pleasure for sure are the delicious Italian cookies from Settapani Bakery in Brooklyn. Rainbow, pinoli, quarsarelli… and many others that I cannot pronounce!!