Our Bakeries

Bakery Description
A&S Bagels
If you’re looking for a real NYC water bagel, look no further. Unique flavors such as French Toast and multigrain (plus mini bagels!) make this bagelry stand out from the others. We can even slice them for a big function.
Aladdin Artisan Bakery
With nearly a dozen different flavors of wraps and paninis to try, Aladdin/Baked in Brooklyn is the place to go for Wraps, Pitas and gyros. Our sandwich pullmans are perfectly priced and full of flavor.
We carry an extensive line of burger buns, sliders and specialty items for your catering needs.
All American Bakery
For delicious danish, loaf cakes, croissants, muffins, pretzel-croissants in large for sandwiches or minis for breadbaskets and catering, All American Bakery offers good quality pastry at reasonable prices.
Alpine Bakery
Specializing in specialty artisan products, such as our pretzel line, smart loafs and grissini's Alpine Bakery is guaranteed to satisfy all of your taste buds.
Amy's Bread
The “ultimate” gourmet place to see new, exciting breads. Her raisin fennel semolina dough and twists have been the talk of the town for more than a decade.
Anthony & Sons
Anthony and Sons Italian Bakery leverages its modern equipment pool, talented bakers and dedicated management team to deliver a high-quality product fresh and daily. From custom automated production lines to hand-made “bench” capabilities, the focus is on maintaining quality, enhancing efficiency and preserving production flexibility.

While baking is part art / part science, Anthony and Sons Bakery is continually striving to improve product quality. From the use of templates (to insure shape and size consistency) to line sampling, no stone is unturned in the quest to identify efficient Quality Control techniques.
Baked in Brooklyn
Bakery of New York
Combining years of experience and an artisan mindset, Bakery of New York brings some of the finest and unique items from their ovens to your plate.
Bringing you unmatched ceremonial challah's and all of your kosher packaged sweets.
Bread Alone
This European-style bakery nestled in the Catskill Mountains of New York State offers traditional hearth-baked breads. Their organic grains are ground on millstones to their specifications. The breads are slowly fermented and shaped by hand to fully develop and tantalize your taste buds.
Bruno Bakery
A true Brooklyn brick oven bakery, their crusty round peasant breads, focaccias and wide assortment of cookies and sweets make Bruno a well rounded bakery satisfying all of your menu's needs.
Carousel Cakes
For years, Carousel Cakes has been setting the standard in the specialty dessert industry for more than 50 years. Their cakes and desserts are the perfect finale to any dining experience.
Central Bakery
For more than 35 years, Central Bakery has been making artisan bread with a twist. With flavors like pesto, and kale, Central Bakery offers a wide range of foccacias, phenomenal ficelles, perfect individual sandwiches including the stand out Black Russian! Whatever your need is, Central Bakery has you covered.
Delices & Co.
The award-winning supplier of hors d’oeuvres and puff pastry to the industry. Perfect for country clubs and caterers (retail packs are also available). Recommended are their four-cheese pizzas and lobster straws.
Eli's Bread
It was Eli Zabar, with his old-fashioned loaves, who spearheaded the return of freshly-baked breads to New York City. Inspired by the food halls and markets of London and Paris, Eli's has become an institution on Manhattan's Upper East Side.
Free Bread Bakery
Industry leading gluten free products available in eye popping retail kits or for your everyday restaurant needs. An assortment of dinner rolls, sliced breads and burger buns so tasty they should be on your menu regardless of dietary preferences. Call f
Goodie Girl
The ultimate gluten-free cookie..that actually tastes fantastic !!! Assorted flavors available daily in eye-catching retail packs and food service.
Grandaisy Bakery is a European-style bakeshop tailored to modern New York sensibilities. They specialize in rustic Italian breads and pastries, Roman-style pizzas, and gourmet panini.
Harvest Bakery
Upscale, individually pre-packaged muffins, danish, crumb cakes, and cookies. Great for golf courses and corporate dining rooms.
Heritage Bakers
Hot Bread Kitchen
Hot Bread Kitchen builds lasting economic security for low-income, immigrant and minority individuals by creating pathways to professional opportunities in the culinary industry. Our non-profit social enterprise marries market to mission: 67% of our operating budget is funded through the sale of multi-ethnic breads and rental of commercial kitchen space. Additional philanthropic support allows for the high quality training and education that we provide.
International Delights
Our source for the finest danish, muffins, croissants, scones, donuts, and loaf cakes for more than a dozen years, their strength lies in high quality and only the best ingredients.
Just Bagels
Within our facility, we produce only the freshest, tastiest and healthiest of bagels containing no oils, fats, cholesterol or preservatives. We take pride in making bagels the old fashioned way....from scratch. Kettle boiled and never steam baked. Our bagels are hearth baked to perfection every day, providing you with the ultimate bagel - crunchy on the outside yet chewy on the inside -that's what you'll get from Just Bagels.
Kenny's Krumbs
How many times did you ever just pick off the top of the crumbcake ?? Now you can have the delicious pleasure at your finger tips, available in terrific retail packs or in bulk 10 lb boxes..
Warning: Totally Addictive !!!
Macy's Cheestick
Crafted by artisans from fresh sourdough, fine aged cheeses and hand-picked seasonings, John Wm. Macy's all-natural, twice-baked CheeseSticks, CheeseCrisps and SweetSticks are guaranteed crowd-pleasers no matter what the occasion. Whether you're looking for a great cocktail appetizer, a healthy baked snack, a tasty alternative to ordinary breadsticks or some delicious recipe ideas, you've come to the right place!
Martin's Potato
Yes, we carry the entire line!! Enough said about this consistent and reliable brand.
Morrison's Pastry
Grandpa's Original yogurt muffins and loaves always in stock. Deliciously addictive items to make your retail space pop!
Many say it, we live it. Every day for nearly 100 years, we’ve been baking bread in our own bakery on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Along the way, we became addicted to sourcing local ingredients and collaborating with local artisans. We do everything by hand, in the old style, which takes time, patience, and a nearly obsessive attention to detail. But what can we say, that’s just who we are. Ask about Orwasher's artisan wine and ale breads. There is nothing like it!
Pain D'avignon
This bakery brings European techniques to New York City. The result is hearty breads with thick crusts and full flavor. Don't miss their crusty ciabattas and dense raisin pecan loaves.
Pandora Bakery
Huge line of donuts; geared up for seasonal flavors. Available minis, large, jumbo and all of our favorites, the donut hole.
Rockland Bakery
A reliable source of everyday products from Pullmans, English muffins, burger buns and dinner rolls Let us bring one of the largest bakeries in the northeast to your plate.
Royal Bakery
Bringing you perfectly formed sandwich pullmans to enhance your sandwich program, a wide variety of dinner cluster rolls and all of your kosher needs.

Santos' Bakery
Sarah's Cookies
Custom made sheet cakes, delicious blondies, brownies, and all of your favorite sweet indulgences.
Sigmund's Pretzel
Made by hand every day, Sigmund’s Pretzels are rapidly becoming the new “Talk of the Town”. Chewy on the outside, tender on the inside, a hint of sweetness, light salty, these pretzels are the epitome of this New York food icon.
With authentic and natural flavors and an appreciation for high quality food, Tisserie offers high end French pastries with an exceptional Latin accent. From exquisite muffins and croissant, to luscious vienoiseries and petit fours, Tisserie is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality breakfast breads possible.
Tom Cat
Tom Cat’s bread is on the tables at New York's Four Star restaurants and its most famous hotels and is also used at leading sandwich chains. High quality is their best product. The entire line of high quality breads are available to you through Featherstone 365 days a year.
A variety of par-baked products are available from this European-style brick oven bakery, either for backup or better inventory control.
Zakir's Bakery